about us


To the history of SandyGrendel Design:

As a practicing dentist founder of SandyGrendel Design Dr. Alex Grendelmeier,
was the longer the fewer content with its indispensable work instrument: surgical telescopes.
Due to his experience of many years the optimal magnifying loopes for the dentist should fulfill the following conditions:

  • Minimum weight - max. wearer comfort

  • No additional retaining items such as rubber bands, heading tire, helmets.

  • Optimal protection against spray, splash etc.

  • Modern Design

  • High functionality on modular base.

A development phase of almost 10-year led finally to 3 patents, the establishment of a company and the most multifunctional eyeglasses of the world.

the sandygrendel team


The company Dr. A Grendelmeier & Co. was created officially 1995 as family business.
It is led by:
  • Dr. Alex Grendelmeier: Dentist - development, technique
  • Trudy Grendelmeier: Teacher - account system, technique
  • Felix Grendelmeier: Augenoptikermeister - R&D, optics/internet
  • Corinne Grendelmeier: Musician - administration
  • Beat Grendelmeier: A/V electronics engineer - electronics/multimedia/internet



To the present

Within shortest time the SandyGrendel System achieved a dominating position in Swiss dentistry. The internet gives SandyGrendel Design the possibility to find attention and clients worldwide. A large number of enthusiastic thank writings prove that the SandyGrendel System achieved it's targets.

To the future

The SandyGrendel System is not limited to the dentistry by any means.  Interests from the areas of medicine, precision mechanics, electronics and related branches of profession already show up. The target of the firm development is a harmonious and controlled expansion into other countries.