Due to the current Covid-19 situation, we are offering a small kit to mount a visor for extra protection.

The kit contains two alligator clips with screws, three A4 sized clear foils and an instruction sheet.

Extra protection foils can be sourced in office supply stores, for example the foil from GBC part nr. CE012080F

Price for the kit: CHF25 + shipping.
new solution for laserfilter

  New solution for prescription + laserfilter!

The laserfilter can easily be removed within seconds due to the double precision attachment.



high light output (more than 25'000 lux in 350mm during 9h of work)

excellent focusing of the ray of light, glare of the patient is avoided

little heat development of the front light thanks to high efficiency

color temperature 6050 Kelvin, daylight-similarly

operation by accumulators

front light horizontal and vertically tiltable

available with orange filter against unwanted hardening of Composits

accubox very small and light, fits in every pocket

unproblematically in respect of hygiene, due to smooth surface

weight inclusive adapters less than 7g




  New Aluminum-Case

we are happy to announce, that we will change the packaging for our loupes very soon.
due to requests from all over the world we will go back to aluminum cases again.

the new alu cases are smaller therefore lighter than the ones we used to have. for that reason sending them by post in the lowest weight class is possible again.

Size: 18x12x7cm
Weight: 350g
Price: CHF 30.00



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